Marine Chemist Services

Marine Chemists of Louisiana’s staff of 6 NFPA Certified Marine Chemists is one of the largest groups of chemists in the U.S. Certified by the National Fire Protection Association, we are dedicated to protecting life, health, and property.

All Marine Chemist inspections are performed in accordance with 29 CFR 1915 and NFPA 306. The proper Marine Chemist Certificate is issued upon completion of every job.

We cover every type of vessel on the water as well as above ground storage tanks in refineries and other storage facilities. We are also available to certify FCLC’s. No job is to big or small. We are available anytime to discuss your individual needs and questions. We are also available to provide training for shipyard competent persons, confined space entry, and fire watch.

  • Marine Chemist Certifications: (Covering confined spaces, enclosed spaces, and hollow structures)
    • Entry Permits
    • Hot work permits
  • Offshore Marine Chemist Certificates:
    (water survival certified, Safe Gulf completed)

    • Coast Guard and ABS Internal Hull Exams Including:
      • Jackups
      • MODU
      • Spars
      • TLP
    • Hot work permits for process vessels, fuel tanks and methanol tanks.
  • Air Monitoring Services
  • Classroom and On-site training
    • Hazard Communication
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Respirator Programs
    • Competent Person Training
    • Fire Watch Training

In complying with both the U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA regulations, the Marine Chemist applies the requirements contained in NFPA 306, Standard for the Control of Gas Hazards on Vessels. This standard describes the conditions that must exist aboard a marine vessel. A survey by the Marine Chemist ensures that these conditions are satisfied.

The United States Coast Guard and OSHA require that a Certificate issued by a Marine Chemist be obtained before hot work or fire producing operations can be carried out in certain spaces aboard marine vessel. The appropriate U.S. Coast Guard regulations are contained in:

46 CFR 35.01-1(c)(1), 71.60-1(c)(1), 91.50-1(c)(1), 115.70(b)(1), 125.160(c)(1), 167.30-10(c)(1), 176.30-10(c)(1), 176.710(b)(1), and 189.50-1(c)(1). The appropriate OSHA regulations are contained in 29 CFR 1915.14

Typical on-site response to a request for a marine chemist is less than 2 hours

Brian Axelrad #691
Senior Marine Chemist
24 Hour (504) 234-9508

Geoff Jenny #685
Senior Marine Chemist

Mobile (504) 416-1852

Troy Hebert #683
Mobile (225) 268-8618

Christopher Thompson #716                                      Mobile (504) 909-2251

Garet Clemons #730.                                                     Mobile (504) 919-4615

Tyler Bennett #734
Mobile (504) 276-0011

(24 hour) Phone
(504) 915-2957